A Divine Appointment

It started as a simple walk to the library to return my girlfriend’s books, and ended consumed in a conversation about God’s grace with the most unexpected person in all of Pitman High School… the librarian.

A few months back, Jake (the co-author of this blog) and I were talking about “Divine Appointments.” These could take the form of meeting a random person on the street, in a random store, or anywhere else, having no intention of discussing Christ, and end the conversation wrapped up in His presence.

As we sat and talked, referencing scriptures and life stories, we reminisced in awe of his glory. The conversation ended with watering eyes and heavy hearts, knowing that this meeting was no coincidence.

Isn’t it weird how Christians are hard to come by nowadays? Don’t get me wrong, we can find “Christians” everywhere, however it’s those that openly talk about His grace and presence that rise to the top if you ask me. We need to constantly spread his word, because we never know when we might have a divine appointment!


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