Keeping The Faith

As I analyze my walk with Christ just a little over a year ago, I can sense the trials, tribulations, and everything in between (to say the least). Initially, I was doing everything right. Go to a private school? Check. Get confirmed through the Lutheran church? Check. Live my life according the Christian life fundamentals? Check. Nevertheless, once I actually realized the Christ-driven life last January, I saw my relationship with Him in a different light-a light that wouldn’t burn out. A flicker? Yes, many times actually, but for the most part I saw Jesus as my friend.

About a year after being saved, I endured the worst experience possible-loosing a parent, more specifically my father. During this time, the thought, “how could this happen to me, a man of Christ, and even more so my dad, a devoted Christian?” The answer came to me in a movie theatre, watching “God’s not dead” (cliché, I know). As the actor asked the church leader why such terrible things can happen to a child of Christ, the pastor then said, “if the devil didn’t want followers, then he wouldn’t make life so easy.” Although I am young in my walk with Christ, I now know that living His will won’t be as simple as a 2 hour movie. We will be hurt. We will be shutdown by the material life we live. And we will fail. However, knowing that Jesus is our friend and praying for strength through these situations will give us the power to see them through a different life.


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