Covenant Relationships

This summer I’m challenging myself to read more. In my year of Masters Commission I was shown the importance of relationship, so one book I’ve decided to read is called “Covenant Relationships” by Keith Intrater. It’s about establishing genuine relationships in every aspect of our lives in order to fully and better represent Jesus, and The Body of Christ.

In the second chapter of the book the author really starts to dig into the reasoning on why real relationships are so necessary. Though he gives many I want to share with you two. The first reason is because God is a Father, and the second is because covenant relationships spread the Gospel.

God the Father

We see throughout scripture and hear pretty much everyday the phrase “God the Father”, but it’s evident it church today that we do not really understand God as a father. “To be a father is to father someone”(Keith Intrater). If God is in fact a father then He must be a father to someone, and that someone is any believer in Jesus Christ. When we accept Jesus we are adopted to sonship with God the Father. A great majority of believers fail to recognize the weight of this fact and as a result do not have a strong relationship with God the Father. I strongly believe that everything we do and say, and the way we say and do it, stems from our relationship with God the Father, and when that relationship is a covenant one (a committed one), doing the will of the Father and loving others miraculously falls into place.

Spreading the Gospel

“Building relationships with one another is the most effective way of spreading the message of the gospel.” (Keith Intrater). Once we first build our relationship with God the Father we can then start to form covenant relationships with God’s people. A covenant relationship is defined as a relationship of commitment to God and his people. Building relationally with other believers builds up the body of Christ, which Paul speaks of in Ephesians… “from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.” (Eph. 4:16 ESV) The body of Christ is an outlet for Jesus to express himself. When the body of Christ commits to Jesus as well as to each other relationally (John 15:5), and as Jesus expresses himself in the church, the gospel will be spread.

When it comes down to it everything stems from a Covenant Relationship, or the lack there of…

– Jacob

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