Reflecting Jesus

As we grow in maturity both physically and spiritually we are told to reflect Jesus. For those of us that were raised in Christian homes we are told to be like Jesus. Thus we continually make a push towards his image, striving for perfection. But are we pushing hard enough? Do we strive for the real Jesus or the one that is easy to replicate?

America has americanized Jesus and the Gospel message. We are taught of Jesus as the nice guy, the easy going passive savior. We are taught of the simple things Jesus did and taught that make us a good person, but we fail to go deeper into who Jesus really was. When we think about Jesus and his life what usually comes to mind for us is an easy life, a simple life filled with flowers and everything nice. In reality the life of Jesus was filled with blood sweat and tears.

In truth he was not passive or easy going! He was aggressive and violent for the sake of God the Father! Being like Jesus means that we must also be aggressive and violent for the sake of The Kingdom of God.We’ve failed to be like Jesus in that we will not go to the lengths he did. We won’t go to the lengths that his disciples went. Why is this? Because it requires change, a change we are not ready for; but this change will reshape our entire lives to the image of Christ. We often do good replicating the simple things Jesus does and teaches such as the fruits of the spirit, but we fail to recognize all he gives up for the sake of the Kingdom.

Jesus gave up his entire life, quite literally, to and for God. If we want to be like Jesus we must be willing to give up our entire lives to and for God. The truth of the Gospel message is that its not about what we want, it’s about what He requires.

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