What’s Changed?

We’ve all had that awesome youth camp, church conference, mens retreat or women retreat that was “life changing.” We’ve all experienced those intimate times with God and with the church body in those beautiful places and settings. But the question is, are we letting those life changing experiences genuinely change our lives?

Recently I was talking to my girlfriend about a youth camp at Hume lake. She absolutely loves the camp they hold and she has been really impacted by it. I can’t wait to experience it myself! But as we were talking the question popped into my head, “Why do we need Hume lake (or any other event) to get those spiritual experiences?” Don’t get me wrong, I am all for youth camps, conferences and retreats, and I believe every believer should go to at least one of each. I also believe that we should learn to apply what we’ve learned at these events and allow them to change our lives.

About one year ago I was in a nine month discipleship program called the Masters Commission. All year we were told how careful we should be when we are released back into the real world. After Masters Commission we would no longer be sheltered disciples, we would be left open and exposed to the influences of the world. As the year came to a close we heard this more and more, but we as a class decided that leaving Masters Commission should be no different because we wanted to take the Masters Commission home with us, we wanted it to change our lives and so it did. To me the only thing that has changed from a year ago is the location that I live in now. I’ve taken Masters Commission home with me, I’ve allowed it to be genuinely life changing.

I truly believe this should be the case for any spiritual experience we go through. If they are truly life changing we will be able to re-experience those things anywhere, anytime, with anyone! My prayer is that at camps, conferences and retreats, (or even a Sunday morning!) lives would be genuinely changed and that those in attendance would be able to take the experiences of God home with them and share those experiences with those around them.

Its time that we let our life changing experiences be life changing.

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