God’s Ultimate Perfect Plan is Just for You

The bible mentions it twice and I’ve heard it all my life, Luke 12:7 and Matthew 10:30 say “And even the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So do not be afraid.”  It’s amazing that God knows and cares for us so immensely that he would care to know something that seems so mundane to me and even though I’ve heard it all of my life, I’ve never given it much thought until I heard it from a new perspective.

A while back, I was listening to a sermon on YouTube and TD Jakes said it this way, it’s not only that he knows the total amount of hairs at any given time, but they are numbered in such a way that he knows if your brushing your hair and you see that a loose hair was caught in the brush, God knows that specific hair was number 543,272. HE KNOWS WHAT NUMBER THEY ARE! If this didn’t just blow you out of the water I don’t know what will.

If God cares that much about my hair, how much does he care about me,  my life, my finances, my family, my plans, my dream? I can’t even fathom. He holds every aspect of us, the past, present and future. Not a drop escapes the palms of his hands and I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.

That being said, I have to remind myself everyday that this is not just a matter of affection, it’s not just a cool fact we’re meant to breeze over. This is truth and even though we can feel like we make plans and those plans fail, so we re-plan and those plans fail, that God’s plans are bigger and more amazing and even more perfect than anything we can dream up because he loves us. He has plans just for you and trust me… you don’t want to miss out on them!  So – we are called to wait, not in a sense that we’re directed to sit on our couch enjoy all of those unlimited shows on Netflix or Hulu (guilty) while we indulge in that big bag of just for you cheese ruffles (guilty again) and expect God to bring all of your hopes to your feet. We have to get up and go to the battlefield, but that’s another lesson in itself. Psalms 27:14 says “Wait for the Lord: Be strong and let your heart take courage; Wait for the Lord!” If we trust and desire his will and wait on him instead of trying to fulfill our self-made plans all on our own terms, God will win the victory for us.

Growing into a woman has its struggles, we’re surrounded by all of these expectations, temptations and (for me) desires to have material things that the world tells us we should have. That house on the corner of my street with the perfect porch and big glass window in the front, that purse my co-worker has that I shouldn’t try to afford, that one family member that always has her nails done, shall I go on? Now that I’m typing these things out it seems ridiculous and you’re probably thinking the same, it’s okay I’m not offended. At one point in my life I was struggling with when and if God would send me a husband. Now that I have him I look back and wish I could tell myself to wait and give it to God. I’d like to think that if I’d done that sooner it would have helped the unattainable expectations I set for myself and for my future marriage melt away.

I had my own set of demands, on top of my prospective husband being in relationship with God and having characteristics like being loving, kind, strong, a leader, funny and many other things, I’m not afraid to admit that I was set on my husband having the ability to work on vehicles. I don’t know why, but even before I could drive I had this fear that I would be stuck on the side of the freeway with a flat tire and unable to do anything about it (I don’t think I knew about road side assistance) but it was important to me.

God knew all along who He would call my husband because he cares about me. God was watching my husband all his life, he knew who he was, who he would grow up to be. He knew that the man who was raising him was a mechanic and that man would teach him not only how to change a tire or change the breaks but how to remove and rebuild a transmission among many, many, many other parts and replacements and fixes that I could never list.

Besides the fact that my husband can do these things blind folded, okay maybe not, but besides that, God knew what plans he had for me and my husband both separately as his daughter and his son and together as one flesh. He tells us himself in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. So for now, until we need to be reminded again, away with all of the expectations, the pressures of keeping up with the Jones’ and the plans we make that we think are perfect; those desires are of this earth and not of God, he has a life planned for us far greater than any material thing or person can offer you. Don’t expect life to fall into place just the way you plan it out, instead PLAN to trust God, pray for his will and his plans to come to fruition and for patience while you wait. If he knows that you’re going to lose hair number 2,563 after lunch today when you go to put your hair up, He’s in control of everything else including that man across town that thinks he’s learning how to replace a head gasket because his dad is making him.

God thank you for your amazing grace and mercy that you wrap us up in every night and wake us up with every morning, thank you for my plans that fail and for the perfect plans you have for me. I pray for your people, that they would turn to you and trust you without doubting or falling into times of despair.  Remind us everyday just how much you care for us! Amen.

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