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_DSD6207-2Jacob Nannie

I was born in the in the Monterey peninsula of CA, and raised in Turlock, CA. I was raised in a home that had the Lord as it’s heart beat. My family has always been heavily involved in church leadership and as children we attended christian schools. When we moved to Turlock in 2001 I started to attend public school and our family began to grow close to a local church in Turlock.

My life growing up was filled with church, ministry, and God. I do not remember a single day in my life where the Lord was not present. Though I gave my life to God at a very early age, and though I thought of Him daily, I was still not a practicing Christian. The Lord was somewhat of a shadow in my life. He was always there but I never interacted with Him. Then one day it happened, one day my eyes were opened.

At the age of seventeen, my everything was awakened to Scripture. Tim and I began a journey of a life time as we individually fed ourselves with the Word of God, then collectively digested what was revealed to us. It is in Scripture that God was revealed to me. It is in scripture that I found the answers to my life. It is in Scripture that I understood the Father and the role He had in my life. I was living a life that stood on scripture alone, was saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, and one that glorified God alone.

After my senior year of High School I went to a nine-month discipleship program in Victorville called the Masters Commission. The Masters Commission fostered my relationship with God and it is there that I discovered my leadership abilities and grew a heart to pastor my generation. As the year ended it was clear that the Lord would have me pastor the students of my home church in Turlock CA.

Currently I am attending CSU Stanislaus pursuing a major in Psychology and striving towards a Masters of Divinity. I am the Youth Pastor of Vertical Student Ministries at New Hope Community Church. And above all, I am a salve to King Jesus and my chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Tim Truax10258922_823027837726967_7470934279105878995_n

I was born in the small, agriculturally rooted town of Turlock, CA, where I grew up in a home that honored The Lord. I attended a Christian elementary school and shifted into the public school system during middle school and high school, while still attending a local church in town.

Though not being a devout, practicing Christian, I began to be convinced by the rebellious lifestyle often sought after by high school students. There was one night, in particular, when my good friend, Jacob, reminded me that “the war had already been won in Christ.” He must have said the right words at the right time, because my perspective of living a Christ-like life was completely transformed.

I could not absorb enough scripture, and at age 17, The Lord took ahold of my life. I had noticed that a trend of mine in school was to seek leadership positions in whatever facet I was involved in, so naturally this immediately transitioned into ministry. After graduating in 2014, I became the Youth Pastor at New Hope Community Church, while at the same time, working towards an Associate of Science Degree in Agriculture Sciences at Modesto Junior College.

I was called and applied for a position with the Future Farmers of America Organization on the California State FFA Officer Team. This required that I move to a new town with five of my teammates, differ a year of schooling, and travel the state to write curriculum, facilitate leadership conferences, and advocate for the agriculture industry. My ministry may have been on hold inside of the church walls, but God used my love for people, agriculture, and leadership to serve Him through this position.

I am a product of a God who loves, forgives, and demonstrates his innate ability to use sinners as vessels for His glory. Vertical Ministries is the fruit of our calling and it is my hope that these resources prove valuable to your walk with Him. Enjoy!