3 Reasons We must Separate the Temporary from the Eternal

Just last Saturday I had breakfast with a member of our church, Joseph Ribero. As we ate our food and fellowshipped, loads of wisdom was poured out on me. The central theme of our conversation seemed to be defining what is temporary and what is eternal. As we talked I realized just how much of our lives are temporary, even some of the religious things like ministry! As I shoved down my food to focus all my attention on the conversation he said, “Jacob, the things that are eternal transform us, and when we walk in that by dying to ourselves, God begins to use us in transforming others. Its called walking in the spirit.” Continue reading “3 Reasons We must Separate the Temporary from the Eternal”

What’s Changed?

We’ve all had that awesome youth camp, church conference, mens retreat or women retreat that was “life changing.” We’ve all experienced those intimate times with God and with the church body in those beautiful places and settings. But the question is, are we letting those life changing experiences genuinely change our lives? Continue reading “What’s Changed?”