Commit To Excellence

A couple of months back in my class one of our pastors spoke to us about excellence. He told us as believers we need to commit to excellence, we need to be the best in everything we do. It was very inspirational and motivating when he gave us a list of common sayings that we should live by. One of them read, “Dont ask time where it has gone, but rather tell it where to go.”

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Keeping The Faith

As I analyze my walk with Christ just a little over a year ago, I can sense the trials, tribulations, and everything in between (to say the least). Initially, I was doing everything right. Go to a private school? Check. Get confirmed through the Lutheran church? Check. Live my life according the Christian life fundamentals? Check. Nevertheless, once I actually realized the Christ-driven life last January, I saw my relationship with Him in a different light-a light that wouldn’t burn out. A flicker? Yes, many times actually, but for the most part I saw Jesus as my friend.

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