Welcome to the Vertical Student Ministries Website. Our mission is to live a lifestyle that points upwards to God. We seek to accomplish this by building a firm foundation, partnering with one another in love, and obeying God to bring him glory. We meet every Thursday at 3446 N. Golden State Blvd. from 6:30-8:30pm.

Building a Firm Foundation

It is our deepest desire that students gain an understanding, love and passion for God’s Word, God’s Truth, and God’s Gospel. We seek to build this understanding, love, and passion by expository preaching and one on one discipleship. Each week students hear a message from God’s word that teaches his truth in an effort to better spread his gospel. We hope to follow-up with a monthly discipleship meeting where students meet one-on-one with a youth group leader. This is a time for students to grow personally.

Partnering with One Another in Love

While we live lives that point upward (vertical), we cannot forget about those around us (horizontal). Therefore, we strive to build community each week. Our desire is that vertical is a place for students to come and be loved on and cared for by other students. We seek to fulfill the type of community and fellowship that Paul speaks of in 1 Thess. 5:11. Our hope is that as students build a firm foundation they encourage one another in love, push one another towards christ, and outdo one another in showing God honor.

Faithfulness to the Glory of God

Finally, we hope that these things lead to a faithful, vertical, lifestyle. Vertical is not just about getting together and having fun. It is about teaching the next generation how to faithfully live lives that bring glory to God.