Looking to show, grow, or build a project for your county fair but need resources to begin? Let us help!

Jumpstart Ministries is the area’s first ministry based in agriculture. Our process allows students to obtain a project or resources at little to no cost, sell at their country fair, and begin to self-fund their Supervised Agricultural Experience project in the future!


Jumpstarting your SAE is just one application away! After completing the items necessary, it will be reviewed by a volunteer or sponsor of Jumpstart Ministries. We will evaluate two areas:

Financial Situation: We want to you be able to take advantage of this opportunity and not let finances get in the way! This application will allow you to tell us our story.

Responsibility: This competency is one of the most valuable facets for an applicant to have. Combining the best interest of yourself and the sponsor, your application must reflect your ability to be responsible with the project donated.


After applying, we’ll connect you with an industry leader that specializes is your desired project area. Our sponsors believe that SAE projects are valuable and want to watch you succeed!


You’ll have the opportunity to watch yourself thrive as you raise your animal, grow your plants, or build your project.


One of the greatest parts of your SAE experience is selling your project and receiving the moola, dough, or to put it simply-money! The premium’s earned from your hard work will be re-invested to “Jumpstart” your SAEs for future years.

So how to I get started?

Our goal is to be rooted within your high school agriculture department. If your advisors are not familiar with us, please let both parties know and we will give them our information and resources to help!

We have our application linked to this page as well as our information brochures. Applications and questions can be emailed to Tim Truax at truaxtim@ymail.com Please ask questions to learn more!

Want to donate or know someone who might be interested?

We have several ways that you can invest your time, money, or resources into student success! You can find these items on our “Sponsor’s Guide” brochure, or you can schedule a meeting and we will come conduct a presentation at your home or business. Here’s how you can reach Tim:

Cell: (209) 485-6105

Email: truaxtim@ymail.com

Sponsor’s Brochure

Applicants Brochure