Episode 017 – Santa Ain’t Coming To Town

In this weeks episode, Jacob gets techie,
Tim-othy subs a class, and Santa makes it on the show!

Join us as we discuss our fundraiser (again), annihilation, and our research on baptism. Be sure to swing by our fundraiser, GoFundMe.com/vertical ministries and become a Gold level donor for a free gift!

Episode 016 – H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

In this week’s episode, Jacob won’t stop talking about almonds, Tim goes to Texas, and we get a guest caller! We discuss our fundraiser, the election, hell, building community, and dying on a hill with your theology.

Episode 015 – Live From Facebook

For the first time in The Vertical Podcast Show history, Tim and Jacob go live on Facebook discussing journaling, biblical rest, righteous anger, and the Christian vote.

Episode 014 – Trump Around

In this episode we discuss how we should vote as Christians, what distracts us, and genuine community in the Church.

Episode 013 – Let’s Be Honest

Live from Starbucks… It’s The Vertical Podcast Show! On this weeks episode Jacob gets burnt, we discuss transparency in the church, killing sin, and finding joy.